1. The importance of design

Every house can be improved, enlarged, or made more comfortable ,  A garden exists only because of a gardener, therefore, gardeners tend to be as different from one another as the people who create them. Gardens are different because of the differences from time, location, function, as well as the preference of the garden owners and the elements of gardens themselves. 

The aim of design is to enhance the gardens’ ecological quality and economic value based on the dynamic balance between different elements, according to the environment and characteristics of gardens.

2. Design idea

Ouroverall design idea is to maximize the value of garden, construct the optimized space of garden, and pursue the best ecology of garden.

The basic rule of nice design is first to attain the framework of a space  right , and then to focus on the contents. it means first appraising the space available and then making decisions about how to manage it.

3. Design procedure

Local site visit – Outline plan proposal – Additional site visits – Detailed working drawings – landscape or renovation plan  – Project management of garden construction – Site survey

4. Design contents

Concept design, layout design, construction design, 3D design, etc., are included in the landscape and renovation designs.

5. Landscape  design

You can shape your outdoor space to fit your needs because landscaping is so flexible and works best when individualized.

Landscaping as an art form ,it includes texture  color  fragrance  character  harmony..... a mock orange close to an outdoor sitting area or lavender beneath a bedroom window is a refreshing design inspiration.mixing plants of different characters can add up to visual chaos functional structures, such as lighting and decks, provide the framework, trees shrubs vines and flowering plants add beauty.

6. Renovation design

Renovation is  much like cooking and fabrics and papers floor and wall covering can be chosen and mix together and spiced and  seasoned  with accessories in just the same way as one experiment with tastes and flavors .the principles of  good renovation design  include: good use of space ,multi-purpose rooms ,altering space cosmetically, using mirrors,creating  space structurally, furniture arrangements , lighting , the effects of colour , ect.....the various elements are put together  will have a radical effect on the final outcome.

7. Whole Strategy of Design 

You may wish to locate your patio in sunniest corner of garden and place the cascade where it can be seen from the living room. A well-planned outdoor living area offers privacy comfort and convenience, it is a natural extension of indoor living space. if your indoor of house  lacks a connection to the outdoors , you will miss one of happiness of life. The more you blur the line between indoors and out, the better an indoors space with strong connection to the outdoors feels larger than it's actual square footage.